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maami 2

Ijeja omo ore, omo ka fi ore we, ki a fi ashegbe shora, ore owo asegbe omo

Maami as we fondly called her was more than a grandmother , she was many things to different people a mother, grandmother, a caring great grandmother, a financier, a philanthropist, an helper, but to me she was a pillar and EVERYTHING.

How I wish our Aged and Old ones could live forever, I never thought a time would come when my Grandma would go to the world beyond.
When it seemed like the world had turned against my sister and I, we found solace in her
When it looked like we were never going to have a future; she was there to put us through
Oh! How I will miss her telling me stories of how hard she has worked and helped many people achieved their dreams
Maami always encouraged and reminded you of any dreams or goals you want to achieve, she will help you keep a tab on it,maami would push you to success
Maami doesn’t enjoy anyone keeping late nights and she would always tell me “OLAMIDE MA FO NA…Lo GUN ‘BRIDGI’ NI” and “ILE YA….WA MA LO LE…MI O LE IE OOO,ILE TIN SU” each time I went visiting
My Grandma was the only one who called me my Muslim name and also sing praises of me with my ORIKI……. Ayoka
Maami feared no one but God, even till death
No matter or issue passes maami by, she would contribute her quota and she always made sure she had a say.She would tell you point blank if you did any wrong or found wanting in any situation
My Grandmother was a financial pillar to me, all through my university days
She didn’t want to hear any of her grandchildren complain of lack, she would go the extra mile to get whatever it was
Even on her sick bed, she still made sure we didn’t have any need
I used to be a very careless phone user, twice, my grandma paid for two different phones of my choice at two different times….(Two of the uncountable things she did)
I will miss gossiping about my mum and other aunties with my grandma, we would make fun of them and even mimic them sometimes
My grandma made me love Abeokuta while I served there during my NYSC; she was always looking forward to me telling her about the developments of the town, I dared not say anything bad about Abeokuta or even about Former President Olusegun Obasanjo because he is from EGBA
To my sister; My Grandma was all in all, she had lived with her since she was 3 months old, and I dare say she was the best thing that ever happened to her
I thought I would be able to withstand and comprehend the news of her demise, oh NO!! how wrong I was, couldn’t help crying, throwing up and the dysentery I had for about 3days.
Words are failing me right now, can’t find the word to use to describe my loving and ever fashionable grandma, SHE WILL BE GREATLY MISSED

Alhaja Ashabi Oloyede lived a well fulfilled life and impacted so many lives; we can only but rejoice for a life well spent
Sun re oo ASHABI ORITOKE…ONI KOYI ESO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Lovely Grand Daughter
Olamide Ayoka


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Can’t I Eat Amala In Peace?

After exactly a year and a day since I was robbed at an Amala joint in Ilasamaja, Armed robbers visited the same joint for another operation.

Amala and Ewedu
Amala and Ewedu

On Friday 21st of January 2012 I had just finished my NYSC registration at Abeokuta LGA in Ogun state, I decided to travel back to Lagos so as to prepare for my resumption at my PPA the next Monday. On my way back from Abeokuta, I was craving for Amala, and I decided to stop by at the best and most popular Amala joint on Sadiku road Ilasamaja at about 7:30pm.

I ordered for my plate of Amala and ‘Eja Kika’ (Round Fish) , as I was having a nice time savouring my wonderful Amala, I just noticed everyone in the room were going down on their knees, as a sharp Lagos babe, I  quickly knelt down and hid my blackberry phone inside the NYSC kaaki was wearing. I was robbed of my dual SIM tecno chinko phone and about N4000. I was lucky my mini Toshiba laptop wasn’t taken because the white NYSC shirt  previous day was covering it in my handbag . A man was robbed of the N10, 000 he withdrew from the ATM, The Amala joint owner was also robbed of all she made for that day

When they left, everyone took to their heels but I sat back to finish my Amala, since I wasn’t going to pay it for because they already took all that I had with me at that time and I was really hungry.

Fast-forward to 2013, i was already dozing off on my bed after a hard day’s job when I heard sounds of sporadic gunshots on Tuesday 22nd of January 2013, I actually thought the Area boys had won their ‘Baba Ijebu’ again so I wasn’t disturbed and I eventually went to bed. Then on my way back from work on Thursday evening, I went to one of my petty trader friend on my street  to listen to  the full gist of want happened on Tuesday.

He then told me that the robbers actually visited our very famous Amala joint to rob and also took possession of one of the customer’s jeep. Incidentally, our dear friends in Black (Nigerian Police) were also on patrol, on hearing gunshots, they also fired back, but there is a saying that goes thus “When power jams power, the lesser power must bow” in this case, It was the weapon that bowed, our policemen later took to their heels and the robbers were shooting at everyone because they thought someone actually put a call through to the police men. Unfortunately, a’ keke NAPEP’ driver who was trying out another source of livelihood after his Electronic shop was demolished due to the road expansion at Akanro street was SHOT dead

The question that has been on my mind since Thursday night is Can’t one eat Amala in peace anymore?

Please kindly help answer this question by dropping your comment.


It’s been great year for me, a year full of challenges, tribulations, trials and VICTORIES. This is just a way to appreciate and say THANK YOU to people who touched my life one in one special way or the other and to those who contributed to the success of  my start up HEXAL PLACE , Its quite long, I thank You for taking out time to read in Advance *winks*

Firstly, I can’t thank my dear friend, a dynamic young man, NSIKAK EBONG enough, even as a serving corps member in February, he went out of his way to loan me the money I used in starting HEXAL SMS , he was my good friend in secondary school and considering the fact that we hadn’t seen each other since 2004, he trusted me enough to loan me the money, thanks for believing in the HEXAL SMS dream.  Now, I truly believe in the adage that says “A friend in need is a friend indeed” YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND NSIKAK, I am indeed very grateful to you.

Another person who made remarkable impact in my life this year 2012 is Jesse Oguntemehin. Jesse as he is popularly called might not know how much he influenced my life, but he did in several special ways. Firstly, I want to appreciate Jesse for introducing me to Mobility Blog and for also inspiring me to blog. I am also grateful to Jesse for referring me to the best of hands for Hexal SMS. Jesse I can’t thank you enough for looking out for me 2012, I deeply appreciate you, thanks for always been yourself, For you, the SKY IS THE STARTING POINT.

VICTOR EKPOTT, a great friend, and a visionary, a strong pillar in Hexal SMS, Thanks for been a part of the Hexal Place world class team and for always been there when I call, your continuous input to the work has continued to give me hope for the future……Big Thanks to you Wana !!

My wonderful and hard working Programmer ISAAC AWONUGBA, I say a big thank you to you for making Hexal Place proud with your codes….Gracias!! “Compucare technologies and Hexal Place “ is a partnership that works

My profound gratitude and thanks also goes to SAYO AKINWALE and DAVID UMOH, thanks for always watching my  back, for always there when I called in 2012, for our ‘small small’ fights and quarrels, for the wonderful clients you referred to me in 2012….can’t thank you both enough. Bro Sayo we are still fighting oooo

Another great person that made 2012 remarkable for me is MR YOMI ADEGBOYE popularly called Mister Mo, All thanks to Jesse for making me addicted to the Tech News and Mobile phone reviews on Mister Mo’s Blog. I was opportuned to be added to the Mobility Blackberry Group, a place where about 30 most intelligent and resourceful young men and women discuss and analyze tech issues with simplicity. Thank You Mr Mo for believing so much in me, Ese pupo Baba Mo, thank You for making me the First guest on your Online Show “Hanging Out with Mister Mo” what an honour!!!

FAMUYIDE OLAWALE is a member of the mobility Blog group, OLAFAM as we fondly call him in the group is a great guy, a designer with a difference who puts a touch of excellence in all his designs. Thanks OLAFAM for giving HEXAL SMS and HEXAL PLACE a world class design and brand, May God bless you richly!

My dear friend and geek……… (smiles), you have been such a great pillar and Fan of Hexal SMS, thanks for the encouragements and words of advice, thanks for always cracking me up with your gists……. IFEANYI ZUMA popularly known as Spacyzuma, we can’t wait to have you back on the Mobility Blog Group prof!

My dear friend and Brother Emmanuel Olalere aka Emmagination is Nigeria’a future Mark Zukerberg ,Watch out for this young man, incidentally we have so many things in common, thanks for always sharing Hexal SMS Blog articles, I am grateful.

My thanks also goes to all my Mobility Blog family for always sharing ideas and knowledge on Tech, Mobile and other IT related issues ( My dear and wonderful Aunty Nicole, Sir kuta, Dr Magnus, Muyiscoi, Obinna (armed forces),Kamiludeen, Oluwasesan, Elroy, Olafam, Spacy, Mc Prince, Jide (ogbongeblog) , Oalabetutu, Signor, Mol Tech, Efosa, Saiddigge, Dr Deola, Sokunbi, Pharmtasy, DY, Andy, Dr Chuks, SolaOni, and Emmagine). Not also forgetting my Mobility Blog twitter baby Olayinka Oladele .

My shout out and Thank You also goes to my two very wonderful friends, they are not just my friends, they are my brothers, always there when I call, they are never tired of my ranting and gists. They were indeed very supportive in 2012, they are also part of HEXAL SMS success story ,FEYISAYO ADEYEMI the author of Nantygreens and ABOBADE KOLAWOLE omo Ibadan toh sure .

I also want to thank all Fans, Readers, Followers and Clients of Hexal SMS and Hexal Place on twitter and FACEBOOK , Our success in 2012 wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thanks for always retweeting and Sharing our blog stories and for also patronizing us all through the year. And also to our first sets of ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK we say a big Thank You. Special Shout out to Big Bro Uncle Egghead for always retweeting each time I mention him, got a few clients from his retweets. Also to my dear Brother and Friend Japheth J Omojuwa for always been there for me, I am so grateful bro.

My big thanks also go to  Sir Oyetola, Dayo Akereldolu and Uncle Etubom Oku for believing in Me and my dream. And to my dear and troublesome friend DAMILOLA FASINA thanks for been Hexal SMS number 1 fan, I’m grateful to you ‘priceless Shike’

Finally, can’t conclude this write up without saying a Big Thank You to My wonderful Mum and to my one and only Sister Omowunmi Egbayelo, they were more than a pillar, thanks for been so supportive morally and financially….I love you so much. And also to a big uncle and my God Father Mr Fola Raheem, Hexal Place would still have been an idea in my mind if he hadn’t given me the opportunity to do exploits with GGRL SMS, I am always grateful to you sir against all odds.

We will do greater things together in 2013………. Thank You all and GOD BLESS YOU and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


Does hard work still pay in Nigeria?

Hard work

On the 1st of October 2012 which happens to be Nigeria’s 52nd Independence Anniversary, I was watching a program (THE PLATFORM) on Channels TV sponsored by the Covenant Christian Center. Several speakers came up stage to speak, but the speaker that really got me thinking “IF HARD WORK STILL PAYS IN NIGERIA” was REMI OYO. Her speech caught my attention when she began reciting a very inspiring Yoruba poem, the poem brought back childhood memories, and I wondered if such poems were still been recited in our schools anymore.

If the Nigerian Youth can make this poem a source of guideline for life, I think Nigeria will be a better place

I was once again touched by the wordings of the poem and I thought to share the poem in YORUBA and translate to ENGLISH, so the non-yoruba speaking readers can also learn from it

The Poem goes thus:


Ise ni ogun ise»» Work is the antidote of conquering lack.

Mura si ise ore mi»» Get busy my friend.

Ise ni afi ndeni giga»» We become great by working.

Bi ako ba reni fehinti»» If we don’t have anyone to help us

Bi ole la a ri »» We are likened to the lazy ones.

Bi a ko ba reni gbekele»» If we can’t find anyone to trust

A tera mose eni »» Just keep working tenaciously.
Iya re le lowo lowo »» Your mum might be so rich.

Baba re si le leshin le kan»»Your father might be affluent

Bi o ba gboju le won »» If you depend on what they’ve.

O te tan ni mo so fun o »» you are just a step from disgrace.

Ohun ti a ko ba jiya fun »» Things you don’t suffer for

Se kii le tojo »» Don’t really last

Ohun ti a ba fara sise fun »» things u struggle to achieve.

Ni npe lowo eni »» last longer with you

Apa lara»» The spoilt brat has relations

Igunpa ni iye kan»»

Bi aiye ba nfe o loni»» if the world loves you today,

Ti o balowo lowo »» if you’ve got money to spend

Won a ma fe o lola »» people will love you even tomorrow

Jeki o wa ni ipo atata»» when you are in an important position

Aiye a ma ye o si terin-terin»» people will sing your praise

Jeki o deni rago »» when things take turn for the worse

Ko o ri bi aiye ti nyinmu si o»» You will  see  how  you are mocked.

Eko si tun seni doga »» Education sure makes u a boss.

Mura ki o ko dara-dara »» learn fast.

Iya nbo fomo ti ko gbon »» suffering pends for the disobedient

Ekun mbe fomo ti o nsa kiri

Ma fowuro sere ore mi »»doesn’t toy with your youth.

Mura si ise ojo nlo.»» face your work because time is fast moving

I want to specially Thank Tope Atiba for giving me the full transcript of the poem and Sola Oni for helping to translate in English

Thanks for reading, do you think HARD WORK STILL PAYS IN NIGERIA? Please kindly leave a comment!


While growing up, my maternal grandmother always sings praises of me like this “ije ja omo re, omo ka fo lu rin ………..”

Well many years down the line, i was posted to ABEOKUTA for my NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE SCHEME, i didn’t like it at first.

But during the process of my registration PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) and at Abeokuta South Local government, i began to hear names of places like AGO-IKA, AGO-OBA, KUTO, ISABO, ITA-EKO, ITA-SOKORI, ELEGA,OBANTOKO, IYANA MOTUARY, OKE-MOSAN, ELEWE-ERAN, ILESE-AWO, ILESE-PAN,ITA-OSHIN etc

Here are some of the beautiful and hilarious reasons why I love the STATE CAPITAL OF THE GATEWAY STATE

1. The cost of living is low: You can be a ‘bigz’ boy or girl if u are prudent with spendings, even as a corps member, you can cook more than 2 different pot of soups with #1000 and still come back home with change. i know a few people in Lagos whose families are based in Abeokuta….. Cost of transportation is also very cheap, food stuffs and so on,

2. There are more relaxation centers than offices: Hmmmm….. Abeokuta people like ‘Faaji’ (enjoyment) , so many bars in oke-ilewo, you have the IWE-IROYIN, matrix club, Sky Pavilion…and less i forget the STADIUM joints.

Oh I almost left out the IWE IROYIN suya spot *swallows saliva* I am so going to miss the SUYA

3. OLUMO ROCK: For the first time in my life i visited Olumo Rock with two of my friends (Yubi and Saheed) in February, My expectations were so high, heard and so much about this great ROCK.

My excitement was cut short on my way to OLUMO ROCK which is the only TOURIST CENTER in Abeokuta, the host town of the rocks looks so deserted, there is no form of modernization at all, the houses in the town still had ancient roofing and 80% of those houses were constructed with mud. On getting to Olumo Rock, i just came to the conclusion that the state government is not spending much to attract people to the Great Olumo! But nonetheless …I still had fun, (I climbed the rock to the rear, I had to massage my legs for 3days)

4. The Education System: I served in one of the oldest school in Abeokuta (St John Anglican (Senior)  High School, kuto, there were challenges and victories, i witnessed what i used to read in books, where the time keeper rings the bell with a small iron rod attached to another metal under a tree. i think the State Government still has a lot to do, its not enough to make teachers/principal responsible for the student’s failure, Parents  should also be accountable, 90% of these student hardly have time to attend to assignments and home works given, majority of them go to help their parents and guardians at the market/stores immediately after school closes, they don’t care whether they pass or fail because they DON’T pay the school fees, just like the Lagos state government is holding parents accountable for the success/failures of their wards, the Ogun state Government should also do so

My Olumo Rock Experience

Lammy @ Olumo Rock!

5.Water Supply: This was my greatest challenge throughout my stay at the beautiful city of EGBA. i stayed in Oloomore federal housing estate, (Abeokuta North LGA) and the only supply of water we had was from the state’s water cooperation and majority of the time, i always had to go look for
Water. Most times, my prayer was always for it to rain, so I can reserve rain water, majority of people in that community do not have access to pipe borne water, the state government water get to rush at most TWICE in a month

I am also going to miss my wonderful OFADA rice, there is this woman who sells OFADA rice from 4pm everyday at the last junction of Oloomore housing estate, if you are opportuned to visit Abeokuta, try not to miss the sweet and affordable Ofada rice

6. My Friends: while serving in Ogun state, i met different people, i had 5 different categories of friends namely

*CAMP and OBS FRIENDS: Wonderful shout out to my camp and OBS friends, most especially MERCY ROOM 2 C girls (Lolade Akande, Titilope Olulade, Ruqaya Yusuf, Jumoke Omotosho , Wando, Shade, Tobi , Ada, Tokunbo , Uju , Maureen, NG, Siphon )etc………………love you

PPA friends: these were fellow corps members I have everyday encounter with, we served in the same school and shared the ‘corpers’ staff room (Damilola Fasina, patience Dibiah, Bamuyiwa Tobi, Ubong  Etesian and Adebisi Olayemi)

CDs friends: these were my CDS ‘padi’s’…always representing (Maureen, Tomi, Ireti etc)

7. PRU Unit, NYSC Ogun state secretariat: finally, i would like to most especially thank Mr Emmanuel Igba, Mr Banji Fatolu and Mr Kayode Olagoke for the support and encouragement they gave me all through my service year, for standing by me from the beginning of the scheme till this end, i will remain eternally grateful, would also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Umogha, Mrs Adeniyi and Mrs Adenekan for giving me maximum support and also allowing me to be a PART of the PR unit. Thank you for the rare privilege and the opportunity to be a special columnist in the monthly ‘Gateway Kopa’ publication

I will also like to say a BIG thank you to the Anjolaiyas, for making me live a large and comfortable life in Egba…i had a whole 4bedroom flat to Myself…Ese Pupo


I was on my way out this morning, when i saw a large crowd gathered at Sadiku Bustop (along Apapa- Oshodi Expressway). I then overheard peole talking about someone who dumped a baby, i decided to go to the scene my self. It was scary!! The baby was dead!!

Why would anyone throw a baby away? why would you even get pregnant when you know you wont be able to take care of the baby? what happened to using protection?

Anyway, i was able to take a few pictures, VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED PLEASE!!!

Dumped Baby at Sadiku